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​​Retail ​Merchandising Systems ​

Trade Fixtures have been represented in New Zealand since 1997 - first by Lindstrom Foods Ltd., and more recently by Mills Display NZ Ltd.

In that time Trade Fixtures New Zealand have sold more than 60,000 Trade Fixture Bulk Merchandising Bins.

In 2012 Trade Fixtures New Zealand introduced Spacegrid Merchandising System which has been installed in over 60 Supermarkets to date.

Spacegrid Merchandising System delivers increased productivity in Value Added Produce, Dairy Deli Coolers along with Closed Door Frozen Goods.

•         Increases Selling Space by 15-20%

•         Pull Out Drawer for Fast and Easy Stocking

•         Integrated Air Flow Management System

•         Increases Product Visibility

•         Self-facing trays set products upright

  •         Providing an “always stocked” look

  •           Requiring less inventory and backstock

  •           Fewer Out of Stock items

Reduces labour to maintain the cooler/freezer

Trade Fixtures Retail Merchandising

Gravity Feed​​


Trade Fixtures Retail Merchandising

Scoop Bins​​


Trade Fixtures Retail Merchandising

Space Grid​​


Trade Fixtures Retail Merchandising