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Trade Fixtures

Bulk Merchandising : Why & How

Bulk is the Ultimate Green Packaging™


  • Bulk merchandising saves resources (oil, trees, water, land, CO2)

  • Consumers want "environmentally friendly" shopping experiences

  • Bulk eliminates unnecessary packaging

  • Bulk gives retailers & consumers alike an opportunity to participate

  • It is a WIN-WIN-WIN.  (Retailers, Customers, and Environment)


Exceed your customer's expectations


  • Bulk products offer more choices than packaged goods

  • Consumers like to purchase an exact amount of product

  • Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and want to eliminate wasteful packaging

  • Bulk food shopping is fun and adventurous

  • When consumers buy in bulk, they pay for the product, not the packaging or advertising

  • Consumers receive a greater value and opportunity to save money when buying in bulk


Enhance your store's merchandising impact


  • Displayed properly, bulk foods generate excitement and encourage impulse buying

  • The flexibility of bulk fixtures allows a presentation that can match the store's look and feel

  • Bulk foods are perceived fresher and more natural

  • When attractively merchandised in clear bins, bulk foods can provide a vibrancy of colours, creating a consumer destination within the store


General Merchandising guidelines for selling bulk foods


  • Group products logically by category, alternating colour and texture as much as possible.

  • Whenever possible, place snack items in a high visibility area, since they usually carry high profit margins.

  • In a Natural Foods bulk section the following complimentary items should be merchandised together.

  • Nuts next to Trail Mixes

  • Dried Fruits next to Trail Mixes

  • Beans and Soups next to each other

  • Misc. Mixes next to Soups

  • Cereal and Candy next to each other

  • Provide labelling that is colourful, uniform and informative.

  • Be sure to include bulk section accessories for buying product…bags for filling, twist ties, pens to mark the PLU number, and an estimating scale.


Where to place your new bulk section


We recommend placing your bulk section in, or as close, to produce as possible, since it is perceived as a ‘fresh’ offering. Also produce personnel are used to working with perishable items.